Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sea rise 'will exceed forecast'

Sunday Age, August 29, 2009

CLIMATE change is likely to lead to sea level rises above the State Government's previous expectation of 80 centimetres by 2100, a new report says.

A Government report on Victoria's ports warns that sea level rises are ''tracking near the upper limit'' of projections and that ''higher changes are likely''.

''Extreme sea level events are likely to occur more frequently and with greater severity as weather patterns change with climate change,'' it says. It also says port infrastructure ''may need to be ready to withstand sea level rises and increased severity and frequency of storm surge events and rising levels''.

The report was one of a series released by Ports Minister Tim Pallas as part of planning for Melbourne ports, including plans to expand the Port of Hastings, for which the Government will begin investigating road and rail corridor options.


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