Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Govt urged to close coal-fired power stations

ABC News Online, 16 September 2009

The group Climate Emergency Action Network wants the South Australian Government to shut the two coal-fired power stations in Port Augusta.

The group is hosting the state's first climate camp in Port Augusta next week.
The spokesman, John Rice, says the aim of a series of workshops, presentations and demonstrations is to build a community movement towards lobbying for renewable energy supplies.
Mr Rice says the power station operator, Babcock and Brown, needs to respond to the early signs of the climate threat by making the transition to renewable energy in the next 10 years.
"That they would listen to us, that they would think seriously about shifting their capital into cleaner technologies," he said.
"If it's not them then it's going to be somebody else ... this is the future, they are the past. If they want to continue to be profitable, we would suggest they move with the times."

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