Saturday, July 5, 2008

Agencies join forces to combat climate change

ABC News Online, Posted 16 minutes ago

A number of organisations have formed what they describe as "an historic alliance" to tackle climate change and make jobs at the same time.

Calling itself the Southern Cross Coalition, the alliance includes several peak bodies such as the ACTU, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Climate Institute.

Climate Institute head John Connor says one of the group's aims is to dispel the notion that caring for the environment must come at the expense of jobs.

He says new jobs can be created in alternative industries as the nation moves towards a less polluting economy.

"We've seen research which shows that we can actually make these changes and grow millions of jobs," he said.

"A lot of research has shown that we can have significant reductions and still grow the economy.

"So it's actually about trying to counter some of the voices out there that say this is all about gloom and doom and that we should hold off."

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