Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ACT feed-in tariff legislation passed

From the ATA (

The ACT parliament looks set to introduce the most progressive feed-in tariff legislation in the country with the passing through parliament of ACT Labor MLA Mick Gentleman's progressive 'Solar Premium' legislation.


The legislation pays a tariff of 3.88 the standard retail price for a guaranteed 20 years on all electricity generated by a renewable energy system via gross metering – not just the excess exported to the grid, as is the case in other states. Further, the Solar Bonus scheme covers all renewable energy, not just solar, and applies to all sizes of renewables, albeit at a slightly reduced rate – 80% for systems between 10kW and 30kW, and 75% for systems above 30kW in capacity*.


[*Some confusion exists surrounding the wording of the legislation and the use of kWh in place of kW, however it is understood that this is the intention.]


Click here to download a copy of the legislation or to view the Bill or the Explanatory Statement

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