Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sydney's midnight mercury sits as 33

ABC News Online, 6 February 2011

Sydney-siders have sweated through their hottest February night on record.
Temperatures overnight did not fall lower than 27.6 degrees with the mercury hitting more than 33 degrees at midnight.
The Bureau of Meteorology says the city has gone through its longest spell of 30-degree days in more than 100 years of records.
But there is relief in sight. Senior forecaster Neale Fraser says southerly winds are due to hit the coast later this morning.
"The winds will ease off later on tonight but we'll see high pressure moving down past Tasmania. That will maintain a south-easterly stream across Sydney for quite a few days next week," he said.
"So [we're] only expecting maximum temperatures around about the mid twenties in the city, 25 or so."

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