Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New overnight record temp set

ABC News Online, 19 November 2009
Melbourne's overnight temperature set a new record last night as the state heads into a day of extreme fire risk.
The temperature sat around 30 degrees Celsius for most of the night and it dropped down to 28 degrees in the city just briefly.
The Weather Bureau's Phil King says that sets a new overnight record by a significant amount.
"Previously, 26 was the lowest, the highest overnight minimum set back in 1901," he said.
"It's an extraordinary month breaking a number of records."
Temperatures were even higher in the state's north.
In Mildura, which has endured days of above 30 degree temperatures, the temperature at 8:00pm last night was still 41 degrees. It was still nearly 39 degrees at 1:00am.
The temperature in Swan Hill did not drop below 30 degrees until 5:00am
The top temperature forecast for Mildura today is 43 degrees.
The top temperature for Melbourne has been revised down by two degrees to 34.

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