Thursday, October 8, 2009

No agreement at Bangkok climate talks

By Environment reporter Sarah Clarke

ABC News Online, 9 October 2009
The United Nations climate talks in Bangkok have failed to deliver consensus between the world's developing and developed nations.
The meeting finishes today after two weeks of intense negotiations.
The gathering of more than 190 nations was hoped to deliver the foundations for a new global climate agreement to be negotiated in Copenhagen in December.
Instead, the world's two biggest polluters are deadlocked, with the United States calling for the existing Kyoto protocol to be abandoned, and a new treaty to be discussed. China disagrees.
And a stalling point remains over finance, with developed countries including Australia yet to commit to funding clean technology to help the poorer countries adapt to climate change.
Environment groups are concerned time is running out, with less than 60 days before world leaders gather for the final round of climate talks in Copenhagen.

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