Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bayswater power station court hearing delayed

ABC News Online, 21 August 2008

A landmark court hearing involving environmentalists and a big Hunter Valley power station has been pushed back several weeks.

Environmentalists have taken the Bayswater power station to court over what they say are unacceptable greenhouse gas emissions.

The matter will be mentioned in the Land and Environment Court today, but a directions hearing has been deferred to September 11.

Macquarie Generation says Bayswater is one of Australia's most efficient and cleanest coal-fired power stations.

Climate campaigner Peter Gray has a different view.

"Anyone saying ... Australia's largest coal-fired power station is clean is just living on another planet ... they just haven't been paying attention over the last 10 years I think, so yes there'll be no backing down on this, we'll see it through - certainly it will take time to get through the courts that's just how it is but no we won't be backing down," he said.

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