Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Climate-conscious Sweden takes reins at EU

By Europe correspondent Emma Alberici

ABC News Online, 1 July 2009


Sweden has taken over the presidency of the European Union and is expected to put climate change at the top of its agenda.

The Czech President and former EU chief spoke at a major conference of climate change deniers.

But with the passing of the leadership baton to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, tackling global warming is again expected to be a top priority in Brussels.

Sweden's king famously switches off the lights at the royal palace at night.

Forty-three per cent of his country's energy needs comes from renewables - the highest share of renewable energy use in Europe.

Sweden also tops the list of countries that have done the most to save the planet.

It has exceeded its Kyoto protocol target by cutting emissions by 9 per cent.

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