Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HEAT: A New PBS documentary

I have watched the doco below and highly recommend it. It is viewable online in 9 chapters averaging about 10 minutes each. Although it is US based much of the material is directly applicable to Australia, inadvertently underlining the extent to which the policies of the Howard government were borrowed from George W, and how little real change we are seeing under Rudd. There is intelligent discussion of issues such as "Clean Coal" and nuclear power.

The DVD will not be available from PBS until December or from Amazon until January 2009 so I suggest you watch it online, now.

The chapters are -

1 Watching the World Change - focusses on the disappearing Himalayan glaciers.

2 Fossil Fuels, the Engine of Our Lives

3 Ten Years to Reverse Course

4 America's Addiction to Coal

5 Cars: 2nd Largest Source of Carbon Emissions

6 Big Oil

7 Two Instructive Lessons from the Past - How GM killed the Electric Car and Ethanol

8 Carbon-Free Power

9 Will America Summon the political Will?

HEAT: Last Night's PBS Documentary. PBS, October 2008. Watch the full program online (or at ). "Melting glaciers, rising sea levels, fires, floods and droughts. On the eve of a historic election, award-winning producer and correspondent Martin Smith investigates how the world's largest corporations and governments are responding to Earth's looming environmental disaster. 'I have reported on the Cold War, the breakup of the Soviet Union, the rise of Al Qaeda, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,' says Smith. 'But nothing matches climate change in scope and severity.'" 

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