Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Greens to work 'constructively' on emissions scheme

ABC News Online, Posted Wed Jul 23, 2008 2:04pm AEST

Greens leader Bob Brown says his party will not put any pre-conditions on negotiations with the Federal Government on its emissions trading scheme.

Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson has repeated today that the Coalition will not back the Government's preferred start-up date for the scheme of 2010.

Senator Brown says Dr Nelson is ignoring the fact that the scheme will be more expensive the longer it is delayed.

The Greens leader says while the Greens have firm policies on what targets should be set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they will work constructively with the Government in the Senate.

"The Greens have made it clear what we think the target should be, and of all the parties we're being constructive in saying what the answers should be," he said.

"But we will be negotiating with the Government and trying to get better outcomes.

"You don't get better outcomes by simply putting it off for a few more years."

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